Mar 30, 2011

Be Aggressive About Your Job Search: Pick Your Position

This just in from the Resume-Republic Times: Be aggressive in your job search. Pick your position, don't let it pick you!

I'm going to play psychologist or voice of reason or close (painful but honest advice) friend or Donald Trump presently: If you really, really want to nab that job - aggressively, proactively, assertively, energetically go after it - and pick your industry, pick your position, pick your location, pick your product, even pick your company.

The most important rule in your job search is this (imagine Don Corleone himself is reading this to you as business advice): You are in charge. This isn't cocky or unrealistic - it's a fact. And too many people - people who are eager and even desperate to get a job - don't realize this. They don't take the bull by the horns and take charge of their job search!

Next week, I will get into more details.


Mar 21, 2011

Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to Savvy Scribe Resumes - The Blog! I am happy to finally begin this blog targeted toward sharing helpful, useful job search information with you on a weekly-ish basis. This initial post will be a bit of an introduction about me and my business in resume writing, job interview coaching and job search help.

My business - as you probably already know - is Savvy Scribe Resumes (you can visit my website for comprehensive information on me and my services here). I am a professional resume writer, and have been writing resumes for close to four years now. I have written and edited more than 3,000 resumes for job seekers with a very wide and vast range of background and expertise (from school teachers and nuclear scientists to private island managers and senior executives). I specialize in executive, construction management and sales / marketing resumes (having a background and specialized training in these fields). Okay, enough about me...

Let's talk about you. You are - or probably at some point will be - searching for a job. Whether you were recently laid off and need a resume immediately, working to transition into another position or using a resume for insurance - a resume is essential. Resumes get you interviews, interviews get you jobs - and we help you with both. This blog is dedicated to getting you all the information you need to succeed in your job search endeavors. Keep posted for more helpful information.


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