Jun 26, 2014

May the Job Search Force be with You - Job Interview-Wise

Unless you were born on Planet Hoth in the stomach of a Tauntaun, and lived there your entire life, and then died there, you've heard of The Force (no irony intended - okay, maybe a little was intended).  Anyway, you know - The Force - from which Luke Skywalker (among many other Jedi's, and Sith for that matter) were able to wield lightsabers, conduct mind tricks and open locked doors.  In this article, I want to focus on the latter of those three:  Opening locked doors.

Specifically, I'm speaking of opening the locked doors of job interviews.  Wouldn't it be grand to have The Force when it comes to job interview door opening?  I mean, seriously, how many muggles (oops, crossing multi-billion dollar sci-fi conglomeration boundaries - let me back-up), er, non-jedi's are able to open a job interview door wide open, much less get our foot in the door.  If you're a muggle...er, non-jedi, read on...

I will share with you three strategies that I have learned that immensely aid in opening that door.  Here goes:

1. Make sure job industry-relevant keywords and key-phrases are included in your resume.  These days, in the marvel-of-a-technological world we live in most companies (Read ALL Fortune 1,000 companies, and a vast majority of what would be considered as mid-level companies) utilize resume scanning technology.  If you even want to have a chance to enter into a discussion with someone in that company, include relevant keywords and key-phrases.

2. Acquire referrals.  What I mean here is that you utilize your family, friends and acquaintances.  Use word-of-mouth to get your foot in the door for a job interview.  If you do by chance have family owning a certain business - your chance of getting an interview for the position you are looking for is that much better.  Don't be too proud and pull a Walter White - utilize your available resources and get that job!

3. Utilize the Golden Rule.  I know, sounds a bit lame and ultra non-business, but hear me out.  What I have learned in business and life is this:  You will be treated as you have treated others.  Therefore, if you were rejected at a job interview, be gracious.  I have heard examples of numbers of clients who have acquired a job, even when they didn't nab the first interview.  However, they were they were grateful for the opportunity, and pleasant to the interviewer and... guess what - they got a call-back within a day.

The point is, you never know what all of your efforts will accomplish in attaining a job interview.  However, these three points will definitely head you in the right direction.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or thoughts concerning resumes.

Also, I welcome ideas and thoughts for future articles.  Let me know, and thanks for reading.


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