Jul 12, 2011

5 Things Hirers Are Looking For In Your Resume

After asking scores of employers, business owners, recruiters, hirers and human resources directors around the nation for their thoughts on resumes, here are the five most common and critical elements mentioned as necessary before they even consider scheduling an interview.

1. Zero grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors – It’s true. Hirers, recruiters and employers still find errors in many of the resumes they receive. This is in fact the most common complaint they unanimously give. Grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors will lead your resume into the garbage bin; no matter how qualified you may be for the position. So do yourself and potential employers a favor: double check your resume for errors before submitting it.

2. Conservative and easy-to-follow layout – Don’t be tempted by the “hip is better” age we live in to make your resume too flashy, colorful and full of “bells and whistles.” It will only leave the impression of unprofessionalism and amateurishness with the reader, thus leaving you without a job.

3. The truth and nothing but the truth Don’t try to be sneaky and shade the truth in your favor just so you can manipulate yourself into a specific job position. It probably won’t work – and if it does, and the truth is found out, you’ll be immediately fired. Companies don’t take the risk of hiring dishonest employees.

4. Your achievements – Hirers, employers, recruiters, human resources directors – they’re all looking for an employee who will perform the duties at the job position available with skill, competence and results-producing performance. And when they look over a resume, the first and most important thing they are looking for are achievements and accomplishments. Sadly, most job applicants don’t offer them anything but a list of where they worked and where they were educated, totally neglecting their achievements. Next time, sell yourself to the hirer by adding your top career achievements to your resume. (And make sure the achievements align well with the job you’re applying for.)

5. Zero blandness – A well-written, power-packed, organized, easy-to-follow, achievement-focused resume is the key to winning the heart of the hiring decision-maker. Use active and powerful – as opposed to passive – words and phrases. Bring attention to what you accomplished for other companies and what you can achieve for your next employer. Draw the reader in from the very start of your resume straight to the phone call for an interview.


  1. I am thankful to Google to find you, You have very clearly explained important facts what people generally ignore and does not get noticed by employers.

  2. Point 2 is a good one. Applicants should use a simple, clean, easy to read font when writing a resume. Skip the fancy bullet points, too.

    Jess Alexander | How To Write A Cover Letter! Blog

  3. Thank you for sharing these skills and tips about resume writing . Very interesting post, good job.


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